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In accordance with applicable law, as a data carrier, we present our Cookies Policy that details the subject such as: what are cookies, cookies, our purpose of using cookies, as long as they are kept as well as their way of control.

About cookies

Cookies are small text files that contain letters and numbers that are installed on your device when you visit our website They have a name and content and can be accessed further from the website that has installed them for certain purposes.

Concerns about cookies are more in terms of personal data protection than information security because they can not be used to infect with viruses or other dangerous code the device through which you access our website. But they can refer to data that can be classified as personal data, even if they do not directly lead to individual direct identification.

Because of this concern, there are laws (ePrivacy Directive 2009/136 / EC on Services and Electronic Communications) that allow operators to place cookies only under certain conditions (depending on the type of cookie, we may need your consent to allow it to be installed on the device you are accessing our website).

Typically, the purpose of using cookies is to analyze the use of the site (e.g., traffic, user behavior in terms of content accessed, interactions with site pages, etc.), to optimize user browsing, or to display custom content, like advertising.

Cookies are important in facilitating the access and delivery of services that a user benefits from, such as:

  • Personalizing certain settings and retaining preferences, such as language, currency, other options that make it easy for the user to navigate back to the page
  • Analysis of traffic on a site and the use of their pages / content – great value to website owners, in order to improve them (for efficiency, easy accessibility, etc.)
  • Personalized ads according to interest (rejecting cookies does not necessarily mean the disappearance of advertisements)

Categories of cookies

Cookies can be divided into two categories from a lifetime perspective:

  • session cookies – temporarily stored by the browser until the browser is closed; they are useful when the user navigates on different pages of the website because they can keep the information needed to complete a transaction, for example
  • Persistent cookies – storing user preferences, tracking information for all subsequent visits to the site (eg themes, layouts, language preferences, etc.) and do not disappear when the browser is closed; they can be read by the website at the next visit; the files will be located on the user’s device; this type of cookie has a determined lifetime (depending on the purpose of its placement) or until the user deletes it manually.

Cookies can be categorized by their source:

  • First-party cookies – are placed on our website for the purpose of providing site functionality and security for analytical and / or marketing purposes as described below
  • Third-party cookies – are placed by a third party other than the website owner, usually through a social network, advertiser, or various services that provide built-in content or functionality (for example: YouTube videos, apps Chat, display ads, etc.)

Cookies can also be categorized from the perspective of the purpose for which they are used:

  • Strictly Necessary – Required for good navigation, functionality, and security of our website that may be affected by disabling them
  • Preferences and Statistics Cookies – are used to collect information about how a website is used / navigated by visitors and that provides statistical information, in an aggregated, anonymous way; so it can measure the performance of the website in order to optimize it.
  • Marketing cookies (advertising) – are used to determine a specific user profile (behavioral information) and to display relevant advertising (including on other websites); are also used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, usually being provided by social networking sites (e.g., YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or advertising partners who register personal data to create the profile (age, language, preferences, etc.), with the possibility of combining the data collected through our website with other data collected through other services. In this way, our website users can be targeted with advertisements on other sites they visit.

Learn more about cookies placed through our site and other details about their management by accessing the Cookies Policy. We invite you to select in the Cookie Statement section the cookie categories that you agree to be installed on your device. By pressing the OK button, your settings will be recorded.

For a more detailed analysis regarding the cookies technologies, their purpose and types, please read the Cookies declaration below.

This website uses cookies. We use cookies to personalize content, ads, and your browsing experience, to provide social networking features and to get data related to the use of our website. You can change your cookie preferences through the settings link. By pressing the OK button, you agree to the installation of cookies.

Learn more about cookies placed through our website, as well as other details about their management, accessing the cookie policy. We invite you to select in the cookie statement section the categories of cookies you agree to be installed on your device. By pressing the OK button, your settings will be recorded.

Your consent applies to the following domains:

Other technologies similar to cookies

Social media buttons such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are available on our website that can collect various personal data through cookies (such as IP, browser name, language settings, etc.) , processed only by these third parties and to which we have no access.

Cookies management

Changing your consent to cookies that can be installed can be done directly on this page by accessing links about your current consent status.

You can manage cookies by setting up browsers (whether or not they accept cookies, deleting cookies) or setting other preferences related to them. Here are links to various browsers for settings: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari

Other cookie information and guides


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Date Updated: July 2019